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Bulletin No.1 PublishedBulletin No.1 Published
صراع لبناني قطري تشيكي في رالي لبنان ( ... صراع لبناني قطري تشيكي في رالي لبنان (الوكالة الوطنية للانباء)
من رالي الجبل الى رالي لبنان الدولي...حك ...من رالي الجبل الى رالي لبنان الدولي...حكاية هدير المحركات في لبنان
Black Ice

No rally is similar to another be it run on gravel or on tarmac; a  proven hypothesis. 

While gravel rallies run on sweeping country roads that are fairly broad with loose surface and stretched curves, permitting the crews to waltz all over the course; tarmac rallies, are drawn on narrow tight and twisty demanding tracks, where only tango is permissible; such as in Corsica, Ireland, and Lebanon.

Tarmac rallies provide different driving skill challenges. While some drivers spend years mastering its techniques, others still fail to thrive.

Jean Ragnotti, aka “the Acrobat”, one of the most eminent faces in motorsports, said in 1993, “I have heard about black ice but never encountered it, yet till now.”. Even Michelin, the famous French tyre manufacturer, had sent one of its engineers to Lebanon in 2002 (the Rally was a WRC candidate) to make a field study on the existing asphalt; he returned with access luggage of 15 kgs of pebbles and stones.

223kms of special stages, one Service Park positioned in Jounieh, two Remote Refuelling Zones located in Yarita and in Hammana, and altitudes varying from 200 metres to 1836 meters, make the 41st Rally of Lebanon the most demanding event in the Middle East Rally Championship.

That same distinctive itinerary concept; will once again signify the controversy between man and machine which defies all kinds of rallying definitions. It comprises a “Head to Head” Super Special Stage and ten challenging special stages with slippery tarmac.

The prestigious premises of the Automobile and Touring Club of Lebanon will host once again the rally headquarters, the rally control, and the media centre. 

Yet, as others did before, you cannot but fall in love with the Rally of Lebanon.

In the name of the Organising Committee, I want to thank all those who backed us, be it physically or morally, our sponsors among many others, and on top of all the Automobile and Touring Club of Lebanon.

Personally, I owe a word of gratitude, and I pay tribute to all those who volunteered for the sole purpose, namely the success of the event; be it that Marshal, whom without we cannot run our event, Stage Commanders, Officials, Organising Committee members, Michael, Joel, Roger, …, Gaby, Soly, and Imad … to all I say “THANK YOU”.

Welcome all, push the envelope and enjoy the thrilling action.

Organising Committee – Chairman
41st Rally of Lebanon

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